The notion that an early US punk record could spring forth from the salty flats of Utah seemed so impossible, so comical that the idea became a punk collector in-joke: the Bigamists. A full fifteen years after the faux 7in. began appearing on want lists, the joke's on us...

Behold the golden platter that is ANGLE's 1981 four-song E.P.

When our man Chris Minicucci discovered this EP lurking in a box-lot eBay purchase four years ago, it set off a frenzied, hush-hush scramble among some hardened collectors of US rarities. Between contacting band members, shaking down friends of the band, begging the producer and calling every record store in Utah, the dedicated have scavenged fewer than 10 copies so far, nearly all of 'em with a healthy amount of wear and at least one unplayable!

Considering the pressing size (100 or possibly 200 according to the record's financier) and my late arrival to the chase, I feel lucky just to have this slab in the stacks. More than that, if a record this over-the-top can surface at this late stage, it should serve as inspiration to diggers everywhere. "Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed!" (John 20:29) It's enough to make me don a white shirt and tie and name tag and knock on some doors. Well... how about I let some mp3's do the proselytizing?

Angle and friends. Salt Lake City, Utah circa 1981

Further background info and more images coming soon, I hope!

— Ryan Richardson
August 9, 2009

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