EV discography (1991 - 1998)

EV 01 - HUGH BEAUMONT EXPERIENCE EP (500 on various colored vinyl) - Fort Worth, Texas
          Includes "Zyklon B" + "Money Means So Much To Me" from the Cone Johnson EP (1981)
          + "Let's Go Join The Army" from Live At The Hot Klub compilation LP (1983)

          + "Moo" from Cottage Cheese From The Lips of Death compilation LP (1983)

EV 02 - CRINGE EP (400 pressed) - Dallas, Texas
          Reissue of 1981 EP from original pressing plates. Poorly re-designed cover from original.

EV 03 - LOCO GRINGOS LP (1000 pressed, 200 on clear & clear/black mix vinyl) - Dallas, Texas
          A posthumous release (Pepe R.I.P.) by dreadlocked cowpunks and Hickoids proteges.
          Recorded 1989 - 1990 with Barry Kooda of Nervebreakers fame (sic).

EV 04 - VOMIT PIGS / SUPERMAN'S GIRLFRIEND split EP (500 on red vinyl) - Daingerfield & Dallas, Texas
          Three of four songs from the VP's 1978 "Take One" EP ("Slut" was deleted - bad idea in hindsight).
          The two Superman's Girlfriend songs were recorded live in 1980 and were previously unreleased.

EV 05 - GLORIUM "Divebomb" b/w "Chemical Angel" 7in. (300 pressed on clear vinyl) - Austin, Texas
          The band's first release and the first living, functioning band on EV. Self-recorded in 1991.

EV 06 - HUGH BEAUMONT EXPERIENCE Virgin Killers LP (1000 pressed, 200 on red vinyl) - Fort Worth, Texas
          A-side is live tracks taken from the cassette-only Virgin Killers release.
          B-side is a previously unreleased studio session recorded with Bob Mould in 1982.
          Red vinyl copies have off-center A-side.

EV 07 - SACRED CATTLE compilation EP (600 pressed)
          Previously unreleased songs by Boy Problems (Austin), Vast Majority (Houston), Ejectors (Fort Worth),
          and NCM (Dallas). All tracks recorded 1978 - 1982.

EV 07.5 - NUBEES "Crosswalk" + "Scavenger Hunt For Your Brain" 7in. (45 pressed) - Austin, Texas
          Split release w/ Fiesta Records. Recorded 1994 in a University of Texas dorm room with future Satans members
          playing guitars, a box, a table, and a pan. Unmitigated genius. All labels and pic sleeves are one-of-a-kind.

EV 08 - NERVEBREAKERS We Want Everything LP (1000 pressed) - Dallas, Texas
          Previously unreleased LP recorded in 1980. CD version released by Get Hip. Better than any of their original 7in.

EV 09 - THE SATANS EP (1000 pressed, 200 on blue vinyl) - Austin, Texas
          My favorite local band at the time. Recorded 1994. Their first release.

EV 10 - THE HUNS Live At The Palladium 1979 LP (860 pressed) - Austin, Texas
          Previously unreleased professional recording from a Battle of The Bands taped in Dallas in 1979.
          CD version released by Get Hip.

EV 11 - GLORIUM Past Life Recordings LP (300 pressed on white vinyl) - Austin, Texas
          The band's first two studio recording sessions from '91 and '92. They broke up the instant this LP
          was completed, so I've still got plenty of 'em. $8 postpaid for anyone who cares.

EV 12 - UNQUESTIONABLY LATE FOR THE TREND compilation EP (1012 press,162 on green vinyl)
          Previously unreleased songs by Dallas area bands Vomit Pigs, Skuds, Superman's Girlfriend, and Dot Vaeth.
          All songs recorded by ESR studios 1978 - 1979.

EV 13 - MYSTERY DATES EP (520 pressed, 68 on red vinyl) - San Antonio, Texas
          Previously unreleased songs recorded 1982 - 1983. Better than any of their original 7in.

EV 14 - DEEP IN THE THROAT OF TEXAS compilation LP (2000 pressed, 200 on gold vinyl)
          A collection of early Texas punk singles by AK 47 (Houston), The Next (Austin), Uncalled 4 (Waco),
          Vast Majority (Houston), Really Red (Houston), and Dot Vaeth (Fort Worth).

Erratum: After the release of this LP, I discovered that the Uncalled 4 were from Austin (not Waco) and, though the songs were (apparently)
written in 1979, the band did not record them until '84 or '85. I wrote about this a couple years ago in my Maximum Rock & Roll column

(EV's non-Texas subsidiary)

BHP 01 - AUTHORITIES Puppy Love LP (1000 pressed) - Stockton, California
          Previously unreleased studio session from 1983 + their 1982 Soundtrack For Trouble EP

BHP 02 - KNEECAPPERS Urban Kill LP (1000 pressed) - Cleveland, Ohio
          Previously unreleased studio and live recordings 1978 - 1980.

BHP 03 - JOHNNY DOLE & THE SCABS Scab Animal LP (480 pressed) - Sydney, Australia
          Previously unreleased and compilation tracks recorded in 1977. First reissued as
          a CD-only release in Australia on the Brain Salad Surgery label.

BHP 04 - CHOSEN FEW Do The Manic! LP (500 pressed) - Melbourne area, Australia
          Previously unreleased studio and live from 1978. AuGoGo eventually released a
          CD with some more unreleased tracks only to be followed a couple years later by
          a Chosen Few double LP on Hate Records (Italy). The Do The Manic! LP was
          licensed from EV by Hate Records and is included in its entirety on the 2xLP.