Discography Minutia for Factually Challenged Punk Collectors


YOU WILL never KNOW everything
YOU WILL never OWN everything
YOU WILL never HEAR everything...
so just enjoy!

(courtesy of Finyl Vinyl in NYC)

There are lots of reasons for It Never Ends. The notion got jump-started by our man Justin at insisting that unless the minutia gets written down, it won't be long before it's completely forgotten. I'm pretty sure he's the one who said that. Another factor was seeing others simply get details WRONG and seeing that misinformation disseminated over and over. Many of the records featured here are ones that inspired the title "It Never Ends". Anyone who's collected punk records for a few years has almost certainly shaken his head and muttered those words. The Finyl Vinyl credo sums up both the fun and the frustration of collecting.

This section promises to be numbingly banal to the uninitiated. I try to make the band pages interesting even to people who've never heard or even heard of the bands. I'll feel less obligation to do so here where the vinyl freaks roam. If you're not at least knee-deep into record collecting, run like hell or face unimaginable boredom. Über-anal details and unapologetically esoteric references will abound. It'll be like a transcription of record convention gab sans some of the usual inquiries like "when's the last time that guy saw the inside of a shower stall?". It'll be the kind of yabbering that induces wives and girlfriends to ask in all seriousness: "Is that all you two talk about?" (answer: "never more than 90% of the time").

Alas, when I sent a draft of the first It Never Ends installment to a few of the usual collecting suspects, there was a repeated cry of "I wish I had that kind of free time" and even a suggestion that BMF was a more appropriate acronym for "Bored Mother Fucker". After years of interaction with these clowns, such peer reviews are not only expected but are usually an indication I'm on the right track. Eat my obsessive/compulsive dust, mofos. This one's fer the kidz.

Ryan Richardson

INE #1 ~ GERMS "Forming" 7in.
INE #2 ~ BAD BRAINS "Pay To Cum" 7in.
INE #3 ~ MAGGOTS "Tammy Wynette" EP
INE #4 ~ ARYAN DISGRACE "Faggot In The Family" 7in.
INE #5 ~ CHILD MOLESTERS "(I'm The) Hillside Strangler" 7in.
INE #6 ~ NCM "Ultimate Orgasm" 7in.
INE #8 ~ WEIRDOS "Destroy All Music" EP
INE #10 ~ REACTORS "Meltdown" EP
INE #11 ~ LUBRICANTS "Activated Energy" 7in.
INE #12 ~ RED ROCKERS "Guns of Revolution" EP
INE #13 ~ SOCIAL UNREST "Making Room For Youth" EP
INE #14 ~ RALPHS "Mutating Man" 7in.
INE #15 ~ PLUGZ "Move" EP

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